Q: Is there an emergency number for after work hours and weekends?

A: Yes, our emergency number is (334) 855-4703. An after-hours fee of $75.00 will apply for work done during non-business hours.

Q: Why does my water consumption seem excessive this month compared to previous months?

A: Think about the past month. Did you have overnight visitors? Did you fill a swimming pool or wash the car? Did you water a garden or run the sprinkler system more often than you normally do? If you can’t think of a specific event that may have resulted in increased water consumption, you may have a leak.

Q: How can I determine if my plumbing has a leak?

A: Turn off all water faucets and water using appliances including the ice maker. Go to the water meter box and read the meter. Write the numbers down. Wait at least 2 hours and don’t use any water during this time. After two hours have passed, read the meter again. Compare both readings, if the numbers have changed at all, you may have a leak.

Q: How do I read my meter?

A: Open the lid on your water meter box. Lift the black lid on the meter face. Wait for the digital display to activate. This may take several seconds. A series of numbers will appear. Read the numbers from left to right. This is your meter reading.

Q: How do I turn my water off to make repairs?

A: Most of our customers have a hand valve (shut off valve) located inside or close to the meter box. This valve may look like a yellow lever or it may look like a water spigot valve. Locate the hand valve and close it by turning the valve.

Q: I never see a technician reading my water meter. Why?

A: We have installed digital, radio read meters throughout our entire system. It is no longer necessary to access the meter in order to get a reading.

Q: Can I have my meter checked if I feel it is wrong?

A: Yes, simply call our office and a request will be submitted to our water crew to check your meter. Understand that if the meter is found to be functioning properly you will be billed a Service Call fee of $60.00 if during regular business hours. Should it be after business hours, on a weekend or holiday the fee will be $75.00.

Q: How do I get my water service turned back on should it be disconnected for non-payment?

A: All past due monies must be paid to include any late fees before water service will be restored. Once paid your service re-connect will be sequenced in line with all other re-connections scheduled for that day.

Q: What do I do if I see and/or want to report a leak in the street?

A: Please call our office at (334) 855-4703 to report any possible leaks.

Q: Where can I get information about the quality of my water?

A: You can contact our office for a copy of our most recent Annual Water Quality Report.

Q: Does Ft. Mitchell Water fluoridate its water?

A: No.

Q: My water is cloudy or has a strange odor sometimes. What can I do?

A: Check other faucets in your home or business to see if the problem is coming from all of your taps or just a particular one. You may also want to see if you neighbors are having similar issues–this could indicate whether it is a problem within the system or isolated to your home.

Often if the problem is at the kitchen faucet, it may be the sink trap that’s causing the odor and not the water. You can take a glass of water outside to see if the odor is still there. Cloudy or discolored water can be caused by a variety of things. Sediment in distribution lines sometimes gets stirred up if a water line is disturbed because of a break or through firefighting. Let the water run for at least a minute to see if it clears up. This will flush out any sediment if that’s the problem. If the problem is rust, running the water for a few minutes should also clear it up. If none of this solves the problem, it could be your pipes (many old homes have galvanized iron pipes that cause discoloration).